Prem Geet 2


Releasing Date : JUL 28, 2017

Run Time : 2 Hrs 26 Min

Director : Ramsharan Pathak

Genre : Romantic

Cast : Pradeep Khadka, Aaslesha Thakuri, Shishir Bhandari



PREMGEET-2 is the sequal of 2016 blockbuster nepali feature film PREMGEET. Both series of the movie is based on a travel love story. The story develops as a spunky and care-free lad PREM, played by PRADEEP KHADKA, gets stuck with a nepal origin burmese lady GEET, AASLESHA THAKURI, who came to visit her forefathers land NEPAL from Myanmar. Despite of prem's vigorous effort to get rid of geet, the innocence, patriotism and a hidden mission of geet makes prem stuck deeper and fall for her constantly.